środa, 22 lutego 2012

bye bye Carnival

The Carnival is over, so it's time for the last dance...
maybe in Paris?
 or maybe on the Orient Express?
But wait a minute...Does it mean that
 the spring is coming?  

so there're two reasons to celebrate!!! 

Let's start the party!

dress sh
earrings parfois
bracelet atmosphere
headband h&m

pics D.

in the background photos from my inspirations' box

piątek, 17 lutego 2012

Oups! I did it again!/award

Yes...I bought another fur!
I saw it and I fell in love!
I love this combination of different furs!
Just look at those raccoon dog sleeves! <3
Ps. of course 100% polyester;) 

fur zara
hat house
sweater no name shop
throusers no name shop
boots ccc
bag dunes
 gloves parfois
sunglasses h&m
pics D.

I want to share with You with a goooood news:
  I got...
...The versatile blogger award...
Thanks so much! I'm very happy!
but, there is something more;)
 In the meantime I got another award:)))
but I'll tell You about it next time;) 

Thank to the lovely girl from http://whattheshoe.blogspot.com/for giving me the Versatile Blogger award!
 So along with the award comes some responsibilities:
  •   You must thank the person who awarded you the award including a shout-out with a link on your blog.
  •   Share 7 random facts about yourself.
  •   Send the award on to 15 other bloggers whose blogs you like to read and let them know about it.

 OK, so 7 facts about me:

1. I have a twin sister (are you sure, that on my photos it is always me? ;)

2. I speak arabic

3. The 3 things I hate most in the world are:
    to wake up early
    be in a hurry
    when the crowd stands in my way (because I'm probably in a hurry;)

4. Ones, I have stolen a cat (accidentally!!!!!)

 Isn't he cute? I really miss him (of course I gave him back)

5. I'm right handed, but I can texting only with my left hand (don't know why???)

6. When I was a child I had a rat named Dumpling, which liked to drink beer from the bottle cap ;p

7. I cut my hair for the first time when I was 15, it reached up to my knees and it was really heavy.

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środa, 8 lutego 2012

The Polar Bedoin

The lost caravan is going back from the pole... 
but where is the sun? 
where is the heat? 
...instead of hot sand - there's only snow!


turban- scarf stradivarius
tunnel scarf camaieu
blaser zara
trousers reserved
shoes ccc
belt c&a
earrings diy 
special effects on my face: feathers
on my lips: sugar diy (than eat it;)

pics D.